Friday, December 12, 2008

Classmate's research presentation

One of the most interested presentation to me is “The Effect of New Media on Young Children” presented by Amy. She talked about the impact of new media on young children. Many people might not realize that the “new media” are really playing a big impact on kids. As Amy said, there are many TV programs or show for the kids such as: Disney channel, discovery channel and national geographic, kid nation (Survivor version for kids), and many more. These created the diversity, entertaining and also educational at the same time. Now, there are many electronic toys or online activities for kids which they can collaborate and improve their skills (reading, writing, spelling, and math). Amy also talked about the laws that protect the kids under age of 13 (CPAT).

Amy did a really good job on her presentation. It has a lot of information. The presentation really makes me think that I am overlooking the new media. I personally think that new media has more negative than the positive effects on kids. However, after Amy’s presentation, I learned that kids can learn a lot from new media. Games are not only waste the time but also can improve the skills (if they are playing the right one). For me, her presentation went very fast because I enjoyed from what I learned.

New media can give both positive and negative effects of young children that we might not realize it.

My Term Research Project

Geraldine and I did the presentation together about “The Impact of New Media in Thailand and Philippines” both positive and negative ways. I started to talk about the impact in Thailand first by telling the statistics of the Internet users and their activities. Then, I talked about the positive impact on new media in “Communication” about email, cell phone, blog, and online diary and how these things affect Thai people and how it’s socializing. Then continued to education aspect and followed by business and entertainment. After I talked about the positive effects then I talked about the negative effects. In communication aspect, a lot of people got hacked by email hackers. In business, many people selling illegal things online. Followed by the entertainment aspect and how kids are addicting to the video games and follow the scene in the game. At the end, I mentioned about the solution of the negative effects. Then the presentation moved on to the impact of new media in Philippines introduced by Geraldine.

For what I think, the impacts of the new media in other countries are very similar to the impact in Thailand and Philippines. What about the impact of the new media of your country? Is the impacts are very similar or different?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Next New Thing

Now a day, there are many people using the computer. And of course, there are a lot of hackers. As in the presentation that Geraldine and I presented, a hacker hacked one of the Thai guy’s Hotmail account. It took so long and complicated to get his account back because Hotmail is not in Thailand, the police couldn’t do anything.

Another person that I know lost almost $10,000. A hacker hacked his bank account from his computer. His money transferred to a guy in GA. He called the bank, they said that it’s have been approved by him already. The bank said they already call the owner of the account to get approve. However, he is the owner of the account and he never gets that call.

There are many more problems that the hackers do. This is why I hope in the future we’ll have a computer that allows you to know if your computer is being hacked and by who and it will automatically block the hacker and report the police.

Let say that if someone’s hacking a computer, it will report wirelessly and automatically to the owner of the computer (by text message) and to the police to let you know that you're being hacked. The owner and the police have the access to hacker’s information to find out what IP address it is and who owns or who uses it.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Advice to Baruch College

If I was hired by Baruch College to use new media to improve the College, I would suggest to have a small chatroom for each department or section thorugh the cuny site. I suggest this because it is hard to communicate with the classmates while we are outside of college. Yet, we could communicate with others by e-mail but sometimes we don't really check our school's email often. We can also communicate through MSN or yahoo chat but not every people use it. This is why I suggest this.

On these passed week, I went to one of my CIS class (not this one) and the class was cancelled. I did e-mail one of my classmate, he never reply. I tried to talk through MSN messenger, he never go online. I look on Blackboard, there is no announcement. Today, this happen to me again!!! Especially, I just went to school for this one class.

Old v. New

Old media are traditional means of communication and expression that have existed since before the advent of the new medium of the Internet.
Examples of old media: cable television, movie and music studios, newspapers, books, magazines, radio, etc.

New media is a web-related or all forms of electronic communication and collaboration.
Eaxmples of new media: CD-Rom, websites, broadcast e-mail, web casting, blogs, e-books, video games. etc.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What have been some of the effects of the new media on society?

New media affected many things in our society in many different ways. We changed from writing a letter to e-mail or talk on the phone; search something from book to online search engine.
One of the big impacts that affected our society is the communication in the social networking sties. I think everyone has at least one account from those sites. Social networking sites connected people everywhere around the world. We can express our thought in there.
New media also affected business society. People check through social networking site after they read the resume. According to the article “Social Networking Technology Boosts Job Recruiting”, Crawford-Hentz search through those sites to hire employee.
New media has negative effects on our society too. People download illegal files online. Some sites are not safe for teenagers to go in.
However, new media make our life go smoother and easier. It keep us connect to others who live far away. We can meet new people and stay anonymity.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Outline of our presentation

Geraldine and I are going to make a presentation about the Impact of the New Media in the Philippines and Thailand by using a PowerPoint presentation. First, we are going to explain the meaning of “New Media” and what are considering as a new media. Then, Geraldine is going to talk about the positive and negative effect of the new media in the Philippines. After that I will follow by the positive and negative effects in Thailand. How people take advantages of new media and how new media take advantages from us. Then, we are going to talk about how the government deals with those problems. Follow by the conclusion of the presentation.
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